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How we can Help

Revenue and Profit Alignment

Lower profits are commonly due to:

  • Insufficient strategic pricing tools and resources

  • Broken new business contracting processes via misaligned resources

  • A client delivery process that does not command value-added pricing

  • Focus on top-line growth - profit margins and cash flow is an afterthought

  • Lack of process discipline, ability to execute does not match client expectations

How we can help you:

  • New product development and deployment.

  • Data analytics to more efficiently forecast future business results

  • Pipeline forecasting and reporting

  • Demand planning and forecasting

  • New deal review process and pricing

  • Client and supplier agreement negotiations

  • Supply chain and purchasing

  • Cash flow forecasting and optimization strategies

  • Lean analysis and continuous process improvement

  • ERP design and system integration

  • Manufacturing workflow and S&OP

  • Demand planning and forecasting

  • Governance and controls

Business Strategy

Most strategies fall flat due to:

  • Misalignment between employees and the company's existing strategy

  • Too much talk and not enough action - no clear alignment of resources

  • Unwillingness to innovate workflow through technology

  • Too much complacency - under pressure employees default to the status quo

How we can help you:

  • SWOT analysis and development of strategic objectives

  • Market and competitive analysis 

  • Customer metrics and surveys

  • Customer delivery analysis and value proposal

  • Workflow simplification and improved transparency

  • Change readiness and innovation

  • Organization design and collaboration

  • Technology to drive performance and automate controls

  • Strategic partnerships, integration, and referrals

  • Co-branding go-to-market strategies

  • Supply chain and channel partnerships

Data Management

Data Management can be challenging due to: 

  • Collecting the wrong data or an insufficient amount

  • Managing data that is coded differently between core systems

  • Improper use of or misreading the data

  • Data reporting is not timely and provides your business with data results

  • Being careless with your data leading to cybersecurity concerns

How we can help you:

  • Efficient collection of data, storage, and retrieval

  • Data validation, timeliness, and reporting

  • Data summary and relations

  • Predictive and prescriptive analytics

  • Pattern and trend analysis

  • Analysis and scenario-based business modeling

  • Prioritization of data analysis and access

Financial Support Services

Inefficient financial analysis and support drives: 

  • Poor decision making

  • Money management and working capital issues

  • Lack of growth capital

  • Limits your ability to proactively manage your company

Try our on-site or remote financial services:

  • Financial strategy development and implementation

  • Facilitating and interpreting financial reporting

  • Budgeting and forecasts

  • Financial system strategy and design

  • Raising capital

  • Capital structure and investments

  • Cash flow analysis and restructuring

  • Driving continuous improvement and expense reduction

  • Facilitating mergers & acquisitions

  • Business modeling and valuations

Working with you to build something great.

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