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Raising Capital and Buying or Selling Your Business

When you are ready to raise capital we can help you identify and develop the right financing strategy for your business. Our team has extensive experience raising equity, raising debt, and raising grant capital. By working with us, you will be able to confidently look for new capital and have a well thought out plan regarding the use of funds and profitably growing your business.

We will help you with:

  • Preparing Offering Documents - business plan, valuations, and financial modeling.

  • Prospecting - identifying and reaching out to investors that are the best fit for your business.

  • Negotiating - developing term sheets and coordinating other investor requirements.

  • Closing - helping you review and finalize key agreements and transfer of funds.

When it comes time to buying or selling a business, we provide services to help you pursue your goals and make the right decisions. By working closely with you to develop a decisive plan we help increase your odds of success throughout each of the following steps:

Define Your Strategy:

  • Align your strategic objectives with your buy/sell expectations

  • Develop both pre and post transaction strategies

  • Identify and assess multiple options

  • Develop detailed rationale and intent

  • Define and implement acquisition or sale strategy

Identify and Initiate Prospects:

  • Assess potential targets and strategic partners

  • Determine your criteria for success

  • Screen and prioritize multiple transaction candidates

  • Prepare and model preliminary deal structures

Structure and Value Transactions:

  • Engage, target and develop deal terms

  • Assist with due diligence

  • Business Valuations and Financial Modeling

  • Finalize the deal and offer documents

Closing and Post Transaction:

  • Initiate an overall program management structure

  • Develop an approach to risk and issue management

  • Assist with managing the business case

  • Monitor performance and stability

  • Build and monitor the integration framework

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