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| Revenue and Profit Services

Profitable revenue growth requires transparency into both current and future costs from the perspective of key drivers - such as customers, distribution channels, markets, and products.

We understand that there are a number of challenges that can obscure your focus in capturing accurate cost and margin information. These can impair your ability to make informed decisions that align with your strategic objectives. That is why we focus on:

  • Cost information that is not aligned with revenue information;​
  • Your back office's limited confidence in recording, tracking, and allocating costs to make critical decision;
  • Lack of visibility into customized product offerings, margin details to manage the commercial department on margin improvement rather than revenues;
  • Difficulty obtaining all the data required for decision making leading to wasted time spent gathering information instead of analyzing, and driving insight; and
  • Margin analysis that involves manual, ad hoc analysis (often through one-off spreadsheets) to prepare costing data.

By analyzing strengths and weaknesses we will help you identify critical areas where there are opportunities for incremental productivity. Through our tools and assessment process, you will capitalize on each opportunity and eliminate problems that stand in the way. Today's business environment requires agility, fresh thinking, and a high aptitude for data analysis to seize new growth opportunities with confidence.


| Our Capabilities

| Business Development:

  • Pipeline Forecasting and Reporting

  • Strategic Pricing and Revenue Growth

  • Market and Industry Projections

  • Deal Review and Financial Modeling

| Working Capital Optimization:

  • Cash Flow Analysis and Forecasting

  • Managing Working Capital 

  • Supplier Purchasing

  • Supply Chain Logistics

| Technology and Process Improvement:

  • Lean Six Sigma Analysis

  • Workflow Throughput Analysis

  • Resource Planning and Utilization

  • System Integration and Control Framework

| Operations Management:

  • S&OP Analysis and Improvement

  • Demand Planing and Forecasting

  • Manufacturing Resource Planning

  • ERP Design and Implementation

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